Thursday, August 21, 2014

Anime Expo 2014

Hi everyone!
It's been like about half a year? since I last updated. I think I was pretty lazy OTL
But I'm finally going to start updating again!!
So before I go to the main topic, I just wanted to share my recent updates... I TURNED 17! Like 2 months ago LOL. I also cut my hair boy short and I'll update my photos soon when I get this post up. And I also graduated high school! I'm actually supposed to be a senior this year, but I took my GED and going to start college this fall(next monday OTL). Also, I started up a YouTube~ I'll have it linked on my blog so feel free to check it out<3
Ok, I think I'm done with my big updates. Now time to get onto the main topic!
So I went to Anime Expo this year and I worked for one of the gyaru booths~ I didn't think I would even have a chance to work so I was super happy!
This year 4 brands came to AX: Golds Infinity, Swankiss, Ghost of Harlem, and Kokokim! I worked for Kokokim! Kokokim is a store produced by Kimura U and you can check out the stuff on Yesstyle here! All the other brands are also on Yesstyle so don't miss out! It's international ;)

Now for pictures!
Anime Expo is always held at the Los Angeles Convention Center~ It's one of the hugest con around here! 

Here's how the Kokokim booth looked like! I should've snapped pics of the other booths; darn :( 
The stuff are sooo cute! This pic was taken on Day 2, so a lot of the items that were on Day 1 isn't pictured. Garters, berets, and socks sold out super fast!
Here's my coworkers for Kokokim! They were so nice and adorable! I loved working with them!!<3
Here's a selfie of some of the other workers at the gyaru booths! One of the most exciting things were I was able to meet Tricia and Sachi!! <3 I've been on their blog and insta so I was so happy that I was able to meet them in person! > w < I linked their blog on their name, so definitely check them out! <3

Here's more seflies with the wonderful people I met at AX! I knew some of them through instagram, so meeting them was cool! It was especially awesome seeing Essy at AX since I worked with at a booth about 2 years ago! *__* And I was even able to meet Dania, she was so freakin adorable omg! <3 I was also able to meet Larissa! I actually found her blog one day and I was able to meet her at AX! She was such a sweet person~ it was great meeting her <3 I would talk about every person I met, but that would make my blog post an essay so I'll stop OTL

This is more like pictures of cosplays/lolita cuties I met at AX! I finally met a super hot Levi and I just HAD to give a huge hug >___< 
I was also able to meet Phoebe( she's in the adekan cosplay!) and Jenni( in Anna cosplay!)~ They were both such sweet people! I hope I'll see them around at cons again<3
I also took a picture with the haikyuu and free cosplayers! COMPLETE HARLEM RIGHT THERE. <3 I awkwardly went up to them if I can take a picture with them and they were nice to let me take one ; u ; Thank you so much<333  
My friend was a Ruby at AX and I had to carry her huge weapon in my tiny car... and then my other friend had a huge gourd for her Gaara cosplay.. My car was SUPER packed LOL.
The lolitas were all so cute... I want to be a lolita some day *__* And it's obvious but all the cosplayers were super pro! I used to cosplay, but now I want to cosplay again( even tho I'm not good). <3

So here's some pics with the coolest people;
Hayashida Saaya and Kimura U! Hayashida Saaya is the producer of Swankiss(top picture) and Kimura U is the producer of Kokokim!
It was a pleasure meeting them and such a rare experience to be able to meet people like them! I'm so happy I got the chance to see them <3 
Probably the most coolest pic is a mirror selfie with Kimura U! It's so cute hehe > u < 

NHK also came to AX this year! It was for their show NHK Kawaii International! Click here for their shows! They also had a super cute booth full of KAWAII<3
 I took a picture with my friend~ The Domo is actually a CG so the NHK staff took this picture from the screen( if it wasn't there won't be a Domo in the picture LOL)
They also had this adorable pancake hat! It was so cute! I used to be in love making fake food and this hat made me want to start making those again <33

And here's their super cute Domo! It's like a decora Domo *__* Too cute!

Also, here's how I looked like from Day1~Day 4! I wore my purple wig for day 1/2, brown wig for day 3, and black wig on day 4!

So thats it! 4 days of working at Kokokim was a great experience for me! I was one of the youngest working so I was a little worried if I would do okay, but I was able to enjoy it! I met so many new people that I want to meet again! There was a super sweet girl that came to the booth and told me she followed me on insta! I should've taking a photo with her; darn ;( 
Well, I hope I'll be able to work again next year<3 
The only lesson I learned this year working was: I need to lose weight OTL

Next post I'll talk about what I got at AX~ I did a huge shopping spree so stay tuned guys! <3

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Amazon Haul!

Hi everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in a long time :(
I was super busy lately and finally I got time to post!
So I'm just going to share what I got from Amazon a while back
I only got beauty products on Amazon.
- 2 color palettes in matte/shimmer
- Shany Lipstick set
- Covergirl BB cream
- Loreal Kohl Liner in Brown
- 33pcs Brush Set

I will be doing a product review on these soon♥

All of them are excellent quality and I love them all♥
So this is all for today! :)
The reviews will be coming soon ASAP.

Sorry for the short post today, but more things will be coming now ^___^

See you all in my next post!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Too Cool For Sports

Sporty Look Today :)
Shirt, Socks, Wig, and Shoes all from eBay!
Glasses are thrifted.
These shoes are totally unif hellbound inspired, I love it! <3

Monday, March 3, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014

♥February Favorites♥

Hi everyone!
I'm going to do a "favorites" post for the first time ^___^
I had a few things were SUPER essential last month♥
So here's my faves of this month!

♥ Makeup Remover
♥ Eyeshadow
♥ Gel Eyeliner
♥ Double Eyelid Tape

I reviewed this makeup remover which you can read here. I got this for $1.50 from Daiso. It's makeup remover tissue. It's one of the best I got. I rather buy this than buying an expensive brand. It has 30 tissues which is pretty good for $1.50. I really used this thing a lot this month :)

My NYX Smokey Palette♥ You can read my review here.  I really like the colors from this palette. It's vibrant and I love the matte and glitter black so much! I did a smokey look and it turned out fab *__*

Forever21 Gel Eyeliner. I haven't done a review for this, but I'll do this soon :) 
It's been my fave since I got it. I actually like gel more than pen for some parts. And this works out great. It's only $1 too so I just love it so much♥

Last one is this double eyelid tape from Daiso. You can read my review here
This double eyelid has been my LIFE. It makes the best double eyelid ever! Stays on long and easy to use. This is the only tape that works on my eyelid too, so I can't let this one go ♥

So this was my February Favorites! I feel like these will be my fave for a while. :)
Well thanks for reading and see you all on my next post!